Easy DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags


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Between Thanksgiving food shopping, Christmas cards, decorations, and of course, gifts, money seems to be going as quickly as you can say “Fa, la, la”! One extra expense we can cut off our lists this year? Expensive gift bags! Ditch the fancy $9 gift bag and opt for your own easy, cheap, custom creations with these ideas for DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags.

diy washi tape gift bags - Splendry

DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags and Cards

Supplies needed:

  • Plain gift bags and sacks (I picked up a few from Walmart)
  • Washi tape in different colors and designs – Target has a great selection right now in their holiday decor section

Not the crafty type? No talent is needed, just cut and apply! Stripes, presents, even Christmas trees, the possibilities are endless!


DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags ideas

Christmas cards can get the DIY treatment too! Take pre-cut card stock pieces and decorate to your heart’s desire!

DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags and Christmas Cards

Have another favorite way to use washi tape this holiday season? Share!

Originally published November 30, 2016

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