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DIY These 7 Fun Holiday Garlands!

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When the holiday season arrives, many people begin transforming their homes into winter wonderlands. From Christmas trees and lights to decorations that show off snowmen, angels and Santa himself, there are so many fun decorations out there!

To take your home to the next level this year, we suggest making these seven fun diy holiday garlands; they are affordable DIY projects that can help brighten up any room!

diy holiday garlands - Splendry

1. Paint Swatch Bulbs

To mimic the look of Christmas lights, turn to paint swatches! Just gather up varying colors – or all of one color, if you are not into the multi-colored lights – and cut them into little ovals (like the shapes of Christmas bulbs). String them through a cord of some sort or adhere them to some green rope, and you are done!

2. Plastic Toys

Another fun kid-centered garland can be created using old toys. Hot glue, once again, can be used to strand together Army men, plastic dinosaurs, Barbie shoes and toy cars – How fun!

diy holiday garlands - Splendry

3. Boho Tassels

For a boho vibe this year, make some tassels; you can bunch strings up together, tie them off and connect these individuals creations to one long strand. And then you have a boho garland to hang on a tree, over a door or anywhere!

4. Holiday Shapes

This project is fun for the little ones; if they are already drawing and coloring images of snowballs, cookies and jingle bells, cut these out, string them up, and you have yet another fun garland for the house!

5. Word Pendants

Here, we still start with paper that we will cut into long triangles, creating a pendant shape. Next, we will think of a word/phrase, and we will write one letter on each sheet of paper. Finally, we will string these together in order, hang it up, and show off our holiday message!

diy holiday garlands - Splendry

6. Funky Pom Poms

For this decoration, we suggest buying pom poms at a craft store. You can stick to one color and one size, or you can mix it up for something truly funky. Hot glue the pom poms onto a string, rope or yarn, and you have a colorful garland to display!

7. Popcorn

And, of course, we suggest popping some popcorn, using a straight pin to put string through several pieces and decorating your tree with a cute – and an edible! – garland.

diy holiday garlands - Splendry

Originally published December 10, 2018

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.