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6 Family Friendly Ornaments to Make this Year

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The holiday season is all about family time, and these crafts are a great way to bring everyone together. Plus, you’ll have cute ornaments to hang on the tree or to give out as gifts!

6 diy Christmas ornaments - Splendry


1. Pine Cones – This first project requires pinecones, paint and string. Kids can get creative, adding colors to pinecones and creating their own little miniature Christmas trees. When finished, just add some string and hang it up!


2. Mini Wreaths – Another way to let creativity shine is by DIY-ing mini wreaths out of pom poms. You can glue green ones together in a circle or connect different-colored pompoms for a funky little wreath. 


3. Snowmen – Older children – or those with steadier hands – can also create little snowmen ornaments! Paint some corks white then allow everyone to paint or stick on eyes, noses, arms, hats and so on. 


4. Peppermints – This next project is an edible one! Melt down peppermints inside cookie cutters in order to create shapes like stars, bells, hearts and candy canes – which will all be red and white and which will all be edible.


5. Mementos – For a personalized ornament, gather up some family photos, clear Christmas balls that can be opened and some trinkets/decorations; each ornament can have a picture placed inside of it, and kids can even add in special little things like glitter, candies or seashells.


6. Photos – Lastly, we suggest using your remaining photos and glueing them to small, circular pieces of wood; you can buy these already made or create your own, for something truly unique!


Looking for more DIY ornament ideas? We love these adorable snowman tea lights and these maps are the perfect to document your special trips!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.