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Women’s Gift Guide

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We’ve got THE ultimate women’s gift guide, meaning that there’s a little something for absolutely everyone, including yourself! Actually, maybe mostly yourself. :)

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CinniBird Coffee Pen

2016 Women's Gift Guide Cinnibird Coffee Pen

For the artist who also loves her coffee, this coffee pen lets you draw milk-foam art using spices like cinnamon, sugar, or cocoa. Adds the perfect little “extra” to your favorite drink!

Instant Pot Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

2016 Women's Gift Guide Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Pressure Cooker

It’s so hard to get a meal on the table after you get home from work but a tool like an Instant Pot is a lifesaver. I love kitchen tools that combine functions and clear up cabinet space and I’ve had my eye on an Instant Pot for quite some time. The Instant Pot works as a pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker and can even make homemade yogurt!

Hands-Free Hair Dryer Holder

2016 Women's Gift Guide Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand

Quick question, how do we not already own this? Finally you can style your hair without actually lifting a finger! It’s adjustable and swivels and it’s perfect for gettting a salon-worthy blow out at home!

Gold Foil Map Print

2016 Women's Gift Guide Gold Foil Map Print

A gorgeous addition to any home, this is a great way to display a special place in your heart!

Lauren James Clothing

2016 Women's Gift Guide Lauren James Clothing

With designs that are unique and flattering, you also won’t see everyone on the street wearing them. Their state and collegiate lines are also unlike what you’ll find in stores! If she loves classic, comfortable style, she’ll love Lauren James.

Magazine Subscriptions 

2016 Women's Gift Guide Magazine Subscription

So many to choose from to appeal to your recipient’s tastes and interests and it might be something they wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Plus, it’s a gift that will keep giving all year! A great discount site is is or you can earn free subscriptions easily with Recyclebank.

 Mini Photo Lens Kit

2016 Women's Gift Guide Mini Photo Pro Lens Kit

This three-in-one lens kit will take your phone photos to the next level! With options for wide, close up, and far away, you’ll be able to capture your memories like a pro. Plus, the price is great.

Bucketfeet Shoes

2016 Women's Gift Guide BucketFeet Shoes

So unique, each pair is designed by a different artist from around the world and is made in limited quantities. Plus, they’re affordable and comfortable! (They even come with a removeable insert for extra comfort!)

Book of the Month Subscription

2016 Women's Gift Guide Book of the Month Subscription

On the first of each month they announce five monthly selections, chosen by a group of judges (notable authors, celebrities, etc.) and you have your choice of book (or books). You’ve also got the option to skip the month if none of the selections pique your interest.

CHiP Smart Cookie Oven

2016 Women's Gift Guide CHiP Cookie Oven

Technically this isn’t available just yet (it’s a Kickstarter campaign) but things are looking good and anyone on your list would be happy to wait until the production date next year! Billed as a “Keurig for cookies”, the CHiP Smart Cookie Oven promises fresh cookies in just 10 minutes, and all you have to do is choose what flavor and how you’d like them cooked- chewy, classic, or crispy. You’ve only got until December 2 to take part in this campaign (and get your hands on a cookie oven, at a discount!) so move fast! We’re already dreaming of the Sea Salt Caramel or Peanut Butter Nutella…

Personalized Family Print

2016 Women's Gift Guide Personalized Family PrintA personalized family print is something you’ll cherish. You get to choose the skin tones, hair, and clothing colors to create your unique family unit. (Mugs and pillows are also available.)

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Wednesday 30th of November 2016

Why have I not bought a hair dryer holder?! Wow would that be helpful! haha I have long hair so it's sometimes hard to brush through my hair and blow dry it at the same time. I need this holder in my life.


Wednesday 30th of November 2016

The gifts look good! I really like the golden map. However, I don't who should I give that haha. Nobody in my family doesn't like these things much. :) Anyways, nice post. Thank you for sharing.


Lauren | Talk of the Trains Blog

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

That hands free hair dryer!? MIND BLOWN. I had no idea this was a thing?? Maybe this would actually help me do my hair! So cool!


Tuesday 29th of November 2016

That hands free hairdryer looks AMAZING! I could certainly use one!


Tuesday 29th of November 2016

OMG that coffee pen is so cool! Love it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.