15 Tea-Riffic Gift Ideas


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Tea lovers can be bookish folks or daredevil adventure seekers, they can be quiet or outgoing, they can be anglophiles or smitten with the exotic East. This diversity makes tea-lovers an interesting group of people. And interesting people need a gift just as unique as they are. Perhaps, even a tea lovers gift guide!

Here are 15 fun and unique gift ideas for the tea-lover in your life.

tea lovers gift guide

1. Tea Wallet or Mini Tea Wallet ($9.00+)

gift guide for tea lovers - tea wallet - Splendry

Tea Wallet by SaidoniaEco

This black and white print, cotton tea wallet is perfect for the fashionable tea drinker on-the-go.

2. Favorite Tea-Shirt ($17.99)

favorite tea shirt - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Shirt by Fitology

For the clever tea drinker with a taste for puns this classic tea-shirt can’t miss.

3. It’s a Brew-tea-ful day Tea Caddy ($20.95)

tea caddy - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Caddy by Embellishments

Who says organization can’t be fun? Teas can be kept cute and on-the-ready in this darling tea caddy.

4. 5-Piece Tea for One Set with an Infuser ($27.82)

tea infuser - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea for One by Onmiware

Tea for two is great, but tea for one is lots of fun when it looks like this.

5. Tea Alphabet Print ($21.69+)

tea alphabet print - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Alphabet by Becka Griffin

When art can be beautiful and educational, like this print is, you know you have a winner.

6. Tea Socks ($10.18)

tea socks - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Socks by Perfect PairShop

No one can say no to cozy toes.

7. It’s Always Time for Tea Clock ($30.00)

tea clock - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Clock by RedBubble

No matter what time it is, tea is never a bad idea.

8. “Brew It Up” Tea Towel ($12.71)

tea towel - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Towel by CalmGallery

The tea drinker can never have too many towels and you can bet they won’t already have this unique piece.

9. Subscription to TeaTime Magazine (One-Year for $19.98)

Teatime Magazine - tea lovers gift guide - Splendr

TeaTime Magazine

From tea-making tips to mouth-watering recipes, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

10. “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Tea Bag Holder ($15.00)

tea bag holder - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Bag Holder by CreTeation

Who says you can’t have a little fun with your tea tools?

11. Yellow Teacup Necklace ($9.19)

teacup necklace - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Cup Necklace by TwoPennyLane

Fun and flirty, this yellow teacup necklace is sure to please.

12. “Tea Stirs My Soul” Tea Spoon ($18.00)

tea spoon - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Engraved Spoon by Milk and Honey Luxuries

Give your friend a reason to smile every tea time with this useful and adorable teaspoon.

13. Tea Revives You Print ($22.89)

tea revives you print - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Revives by CalmGallery

Every tea drinker thinks it, but this print just says it.

14. Personalized Tea Lover Gift Set ($45.00)

tea gift set - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Gift Set by Scarlett Acres

If you prefer a gift that’s ready-to-ship, this is a great collection to send for a special occasion.

15. Custom Engraved Tea Storage Box

tea storage set - tea lovers gift guide - Splendry

Tea Storage Box by Cufflinks Galore

What does every tea drinker have? A lot of tea. Now they need a place to put it that’s as cute as this custom storage box.

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