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Gift Giving for the Tricky Teenager

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The title says it all, teenagers are hard to shop for. We’ll even admit that it’s hard to shop for each other. If you feel comfortable enough with the teenager in question, I would highly recommend asking them for their wish list (I’ve done this for almost all of my friends). But if that’s not for you here’s my list of fun, appropriate, and cool gifts to give whatever teenager might be in your life.

gift ideas for teens - Splendry

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gift ideas for teens - Splendry

Sticker Pack

My sister actually let me in on this one, Redbubble sells a huge variety of them and they’re fairly cheap too, or, if you’re thinking of buying a lot, Amazon sells packs of them for good prices as well. There are also places where you can get customized stickers of favorite quotes, movie/book characters, and pets. They can be placed on binders, notebooks, water bottles, and laptops.

Pop Sockets

pop socket - gift ideas for teens - Splendry

Pink Marble Pop Socket

These are a bit more iffy, but also a good alternative. They’re useful accessories to a phone, but not as big of a commitment as a case. You can find them just about anywhere and they are also customizable if the gift receiver has any special quote or organization.


While this one might seem a bit pricey there are definitely affordable options out there if the person you’re giving one to doesn’t have one already. (Or you can take advantage of any holiday sales). Small and portable are higher priorities while being shock proof and water resistant are secondary.

blue tooth speaker - gift ideas for teens - Splendry


Most of the speakers are Bluetooth and can be packed in a purse or backpack so they can be brought with them on sleepovers, get-togethers, and to school.

Personalized Water Bottle

personalized water bottle - gift ideas for teens - Splendry

Water Bottle 

You can get customized water bottles and tumblers or even DIY some with stickers and sharpie. They make a nice personalized gift and will be in use. Also, if they tend to lose or misplace things (like me) then their name will be right on it.

Gift Cards or Cash

Always a great fallback. While it might seem like a cop out, gift cards and cash always makes a great gift and have the added benefit of you knowing that they will spend it on something that they actually want. There are also ways to dress up the gift card that can even be wrapped so they still get all the fun of unwrapping a gift.

If you’re not sure where to start there are a ton on Pinterest, DIYs, and videos with instructions on how to dress them up to look creative and well thought through. Putting them in stocking stuffers like tumblers, coin purses, and stationary sets is also a nice touch.

Hopefully this was helpful, and happy gifting!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.