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FaceTory Review: All the Self Care You Require

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This is not a paid review of FaceTory, we just like to try things out and let you know what we love! It does contain affiliate links, meaning we might earn a small commission through purchases made through included links, at no cost to you.

I have been a huge fan of sheet masks for a long time. Do they really help your skin any more than just sticking to your regular routine? Maybe, maybe not. But taking some time to focus on your appearance and relax can be a great way to end your night.

I also love subscription boxes. Don’t we all love mail that isn’t bills? It’s like having presents sent to your house on a regular basis.

Sure you can buy all the stuff individually but it’s so much nicer to receive a gift wrapped surprise. That’s why I was so excited when I read about FaceTory. A subscription box service that combines two of my favorite things! Every month you can sign up to receive high quality curated sheet masks sent to your door.

One of the best parts of FaceTory is that unlike many subscription boxes where you could just run out and get all the stuff by yourself, many of these masks ARE hard to come by on your own.

Many of them are written entirely in Korean and if you don’t know what you are looking for they would be hard to locate especially if you don’t live in a larger city.

Facetory review

How does it work?

You can choose from 2 levels, the FOUR-ever FRESH kit, which is 4 masks for $5.95 plus shipping or you can get the Seven Lux box which is 15.95 plus shipping. The Lux box usually has more unique masks and as the name implies you get seven. I tried out the April 2018 Lux box and I loved it so much.

facetory review

First of all the packaging is super adorable. I especially love the little snail.

Did I think would get to a place in my life where I would be putting snail oil on my face? I did not.

Facetory review on Splendry

Each box comes with a little positive quotation card for you to hang up whenever you need inspiration.

Facetory review of a Korean facial mask subscription box on Splendry

Look at all of the face masks! And these are not the low end ones you grab in bulk for a spa party. These are higher end K-beauty products that can be hard to find at chain stores. There is a great variety included.

Facetory review - Korean skin mask subscription box review on Splendry

Do not throw this card away!

Again many of the masks are written almost entirely in Korean and you may not know how long to leave it on without the instruction card. Each mask is listed including its active ingredients and benefits depending on what you are in the mood for that day.

It will also include any special instructions and the retail price. Most of the masks can be purchased on the FaceTory website, if you fall in love with one you want to use again.

In addition to the regular monthly boxes FaceTory also periodically offers one time purchase boxes specifically for dry, oily or sensitive skin. Note that I have combination skin and didn’t have any bad reactions to any of the masks I used. Unless you count turning into a cloud of course.

Facetory review - Korean face mask subscription review - Splendry

All in all I would absolutely use FaceTory again. I don’t usually use more than one sheet mask a week so a Lux box can last me a good while. This would also make a great present for someone going through a busy or stressful time in their life. Give it a try!

Originally published June 26, 2018

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.