5 Face Masks that Work for My Skin


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Face masks have certainly become a “thing” lately. You’ll see people masking on airplanes, sitting in traffic, and scroll through Instagram and you’re certain to see a post or 20 of masks in use!

While they’re not necessarily new, I remember buying Freeman masks at Walmart when I was a teen, they’ve definitely become more popular!

As a fan and frequent user I thought I’d share five of my favorite face masks that actually work for my skin. Notice I said my skin, so I make no claims about your own! :)

What to know about my skin? It’s:

  • Considered normal -not extra dry or oily
  • Not super prone to breakouts, though a flare here or there happens
  • Gets a bit of redness around the chin and nose
  • Lives with a toddler so it’s not prone to getting lots of sleep 😊

Should you have skin like me, maybe these masks will work for you too! (Even if you don’t have skin like me they’re worth a try!)

favorite face masks - Splendry

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1. Pacifica Stress Rehab Coconut & Caffeine Face Mask

Pacifica Stress Rehab Mask

This has to go first on the list as I’ve become a devoted user to this amazingly effective mask. This was one of the first masks I ever put on that I could feel working and I make sure to always have one on hand for days I’m especially sleep deprived or my skin is acting up!

2. Tonymoly Brightening Lemon Face Mask

After it had been a few months after having my son, I was still dealing with crazy postpartum skin. It was puffy, red, and not sleeping certainly wasn’t making me look any younger.

I’m Lemon Mask

I honestly thought this was just how I would look forever until the morning I gave this mask a try. Suddenly I looked, and felt, like myself again!

3. Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask

This is a gentle exfoliating mask you apply and rinse after a few minutes. I got it as a sample in a beauty subscription box but have since purchased it on my own.

Vichy Peel Mask

It leaves my skin soft and smooth and you can even find it at Target! (Where they even sell a smaller sample size to try!)

4. Apto Healing Turmeric Mask

Any time I start to see a breakout flaring, this is my go-to! You can use it as a spot treatment or just apply all over, both of which I’ve done.

APTO Turmeric Healing Mask

I really feel like it calms my skin and helps clear things up.

5. Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask

Another I use every few weeks, this is a cleaning mask that really gets in deep!

GlamGlow Clearing Mask

This is always a good one to have on hand, and one I like to use at least monthly even if I’m not broken out, think of it as a maintenance product!

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