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Getting Started with Subscription Boxes

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I’m the first to admit that I love presents. Big, small, cheap, whatever, I just love a good surprise! And now instead of waiting for Christmas or my birthday to get my surprise fix, I get them delivered to my doorstep every month in the form of subscription boxes! If you’re new to the world of subscription boxes, I’ve got a few tips you need to know to get started!

getting started with SUBSCRIPTION boxes

1. Pick your fix (or fixes): There are literally subscription boxes for EVERYTHING. Whether you’re a beauty junkie, a clothes horse, or a budding chef, they’ve got you covered. Before you sign up for that “sock of the month” club (before remembering you never wear socks), step back and figure out what you’re really interested in!

2. Do your research: Found what seems like the perfect subscription box for you? Before you submit that order, do a quick search for reviews online. You’ll find out what subscribers love (great customer service, fantastic value, etc.) and what they hate (late shipping, poor product quality, etc.) It’s really easy to find out what to expect from a subscription box before handing over your money.

3. Read the fine print: Is shipping included? How easy is it to cancel? Will I be charged monthly? Quarterly? Is it a one-time purchase? Do I have the option to skip a box if it’s not in the budget this month? All important things to know up front!!

4. Referral incentives: Some subscription boxes encourage you to refer your friends by offering some incentives – either by free products, or credits towards future boxes. This can really save you a lot, especially if you’re a blogger and write your own reviews.

5. Stay connected on social media: Most companies have a social media presence these days, so make sure to follow the subscription box service company on their FB page, Twitter, or Instagram. You’ll sometimes see special offers for new subscribers and sneak peaks of items to come. You can also give feedback on items you’d like to see and what doesn’t interest you!

Now that you’re set on how to begin, go find your box! Or, boxes…they’re kind of addicting! To see my list of what I’ve tried and what I’ve loved, go here.

Originally posted on November 22, 2014

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