Summer Sun and Foundation


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Now that we are heading into summer, most of us will be outside at least sometime. Because of that, even with the best efforts of SPFing, you will probably get at least a little sun on your face.

Summer Sun & Foundation - Splendry

What I do this time of year is when I go to pick out my foundation, I get a lighter shade and a darker shade. This way you can adjust the mix of the two colors to match your complexion as it gets more tan and then lightens up into the fall. I can honestly NEVER find a single foundation any time of year that works for me so I always double up and use two colors to mix the right shade. summer sun and foundation

DOUBLE BONUS: you can use the darker and lighter shades to do highlight and contour! There are a ton of HAC videos on YouTube. (Maskcara has a great one!)

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Originally published May 15, 2015

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