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8 Mascara Tips for Amazing Lashes

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Give your lashes a boost with these awesome mascara tips, sure to give you amazing lashes! From application tricks to making your tube feel like new, I have eight ideas you will want to try!

mascara tips - Splendry

1. Refresh

If your mascara is starting to feel a little on the dry and clumpy side, add a drop or two of saline solution (or eye drops). Your mascara will feel like new! (Of course only do this if your mascara is still relatively new, mascara needs to be replaced every few months!)

2. Warm it up

No saline or eye drops? Grab a cup of hot water and drop your mascara inside (just make sure the tube is tightly closed!) and let it sit for a minute or two before using!

3. Heat your lash curler

Give your lashes more of a lift by heating your lash curler for a few seconds with a blow dryer. It will get hot fast so make sure you test it on your skin before getting it near your eyes.

4. Use a mascara shield

mascara tips - Splendry

No more smudges during application! Grab a mascara shield (like this one) and apply without fear!

5. Apply powder

If you want thicker lashes, apply a dusting of powder in between mascara coats.

6. Give it a twirl

Pumping your mascara wand introduces air to the tube, causing it to dry out faster, twirl your wand instead!

7. Layer

Love your lengthening mascara but tired of it leaving smudges on your lids? Layer a coat of waterproof formula on top. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, you might find the perfect combination for you!

8. Prime Your Lids

Another way to avoid the mascara ring that settles on your lids throughout the day is by using an eyelid primer. Your mascara stays put and your shadow stays perfect.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.