A First Date with Hair Color


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First dates can be awkward, intimidating even. You are a meeting a person whose history may be unknown to you and there are always questions running through your mind before you meet.

Are they going to like me? Are they going to be weird? Will we hit it off? Will there be a second date? Taking things slow can be a great way to start. And it may be the way to go with hair color as well.


Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Let me introduce you to your date, demi-permanent hair color. It is a gentle, low-commitment hair color option that can give shine and vibrancy to your hair. It is the “lip gloss” of hair color.

demi-permanent hair color - Splendry

Being gentle and low commitment comes as a result of its ammonia-free state. This type of hair color plays various roles: toner, color refresher, grey blender, and gloss.

One thing it does lack is its lasting power. A demi-permanent hair color will last between four-six weeks (permanent color lasts up to eight weeks). Although, a softer grow out at the root is a saving grace for the lack of its longevity. For a first date with hair color, demi-permanent does not seem so bad.

My date with demi-permanent hair color has been a good experience. I describe my look as natural, minimal, and classic. This hair color has blended my greys (they look light brown against my dark brown hair) and added a ton of shine.

The soft grow out at the root even makes me forget that I have a color on my strands. In some ways, demi-permanent color is a good way for me to try color without committing to a permanent color and its maintenance. It allows me time to understand where I want to go color-wise with my hair. I think I will go on the second date.

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Originally published February 28, 2017

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