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10 Spots to Find Cool Baby Clothes

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Stores have really stepped up their baby clothing game in recent years. I know you’ve shopped at the usual places like Target (hello, Cat & Jack), but in case you’re wanting a few more options, I’ve got them! Here are 10 spots to check out to find unique and cool baby clothes that maybe not everyone will have! 

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1. Zara

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Flocked Overalls

Urban dwellers or those who like to travel to big cities are likely familiar with the Zara brand. If you’re not, it’s time to get introduced! This European store is big on fashion and low on price. which happens to be my favorite combination!

2. Lenny Lemons

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Shawnn Set

If you’re looking for adorable outfits and baby accessories (including “mom and me” hats), take a look at Lenny Lemons. They also have a great selection of matching items for siblings too. Oh, and the prices are fantastic!

3. FabKids

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Colorblock T-Shirt

This is a membership site (maybe you’re familiar with JustFab?) so you’re charged a monthly fee (where you then go pick out an outfit) but you can skip months when you’re not ready to buy or don’t have the funds. 

4. Primary

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Long Sleeve Dress


Maybe you’re kind of over all the cutesy sayings and images and just want some good quality, colorful clothes. Hit up Primary and pick up some basics that are anything but.

5. Boden

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Bulldog Applique T-Shirt

You might know Boden for the sophisticated clothes you’d like to wear, but have you seen Mini Boden for kids? It’s definitely worth a peek! 

6. Robeez

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Robeez Black and White Beau Soft Soles

This brand sells clothing, but the shoes might be what catches your eye first! Soft non-slip soles, and sizing that’s made to accommodate growing feet are just a couple of reasons to check out these adorable shoes!

7. Amazon

cool baby clothes - Splendry

3 Piece Toddler Set

As usual, Amazon usually has what you’re looking for, even cool baby clothes! Plus, you can stock up on batteries and books all in one (e)trip. 

8. Monica & Andy

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Ruffle Dress

Items from Monica & Andy run a little more expensive (long sleeve onesies start at $28), but for a special gift or adorable splurge, it’s worth it!

9. Tea Collection

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Printed Pajamas

Modern design and a focus on international cultures make this a fun site to browse. The large sale section will also keep you clicking away!

10. Posh Peanut

cool baby clothes - Splendry

Vintage Dino Twirl Dress

So many adorable and comfy outfits for little ones that feature unique patterns and designs. Plus lots of matching robes for mom!

Have your own favorite shops for cool baby clothes? Please share!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.