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What to Wear: Engagement Photos

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For some reason when I got married I didn’t think much about engagement photos. In fact, if my mom hadn’t wanted to put a photo in the local paper I doubt I would have thought about it at all. Which is odd, in hindsight. Anyhow, I asked my sister-in-law to borrow her dad’s camera, we met on the college campus we all attended and my now-husband and I both wore jeans and plain sweaters. (His black, mine cranberry) Seriously, I just wasn’t thinking. I’m not even a jeans and plain sweater-kind of girl! I mean, if nothing else this was an excuse to buy cute dresses, right?

engagement photos

Kind of cute, but mostly boring

We really don’t do pictures together, like ever. So I have these dreams that one day we do some sort of grand photo shoot with glamorous images to hang over the mantle, but in reality, this is probably it. And that’s OK, we know what we look like. But for those of you who actually think ahead and want a full-on engagement shoot, I highly recommend that you do!

Great ideas on what to wear for your engagement photos from Splendry

Skip the plain sweaters and jeans (unless that’s truly your style) and find a look (or several) that really show your true personality and unique taste. Oh, and if you decide matching camo t-shirts is the way to go, please, just don’t. (And if camo t-shirts reflect your unique style, I’m guessing you aren’t reading this anyway.)

What to Wear: Engagement Photos

Great ideas on what to wear for your engagement photos from lifestyle website Splendry

If your taste runs pretty classic but still comfortable, this is a great outfit to showcase some style but not feel like you’re not being yourself.

A classy take on what to wear for your engagement photos from SplendryIf you want a timeless look that won’t date your photos (Sorry, but chevron print dresses are definitely going to be dated. But if you’re fine with that, feel free to proceed.), go for a classic silhouette. A simple black pump and elegant studs could take this look from 1950 to 2050.  And if I were doing engagement pics now, this is one outfit I’d definitely pick.

Cute and preppy take on what to wear for engagement photos from Splendry

If preppy speaks to you, this look fits the bill. Love a fun shoe too!

A chic and sophisticated look perfect for engagement photos!

Keep your jeans dark for a chic look.


Share your casual style with this great engagement photo look idea!

If you’re a little more casual as a couple, that’s OK too!


Share your real style for your engagement photos!

And if you just can’t handle skirts and heels, you can still get a feminine look with dainty jewelry and a feminine silhouette. Stay away from anything too baggy and you’ll be good!

 If you already took engagement photos, what did you wear?

Originally published, January 14, 2015

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Thursday 22nd of September 2016

Where is the sage colored dress from? I love it!


Sunday 25th of September 2016

Looks like it's sold out! It was from Vero Moda. If I can find something similar I'll try to up date the photo with a link to a similar style!


Friday 26th of August 2016

These are such cute outfit picks! I'm nowhere close to ever taking engagement photos, but a bunch of my friends are getting engaged/married and the like--I'm gonna have to pass this along to them! :]

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.