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Shopping Survival: Learning How to Shop

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Shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To some, it can be overwhelming, too time-consuming, and just not the best experience.  Even those who do enjoy the process may still feel overwhelmed at times! If shopping is something you’d like to make more efficient and fun, I’ve got some tips on how to shop!  

How to Shop

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1. Don’t Buy it Just Because it’s on Sale

Don’t let the big numbers of a major sale (75% off!) trick you into buying something you don’t even like! If you wouldn’t even look at it at full price, don’t just buy it because you think it’s a bargain. The goal is not to buy just because you can!

2. Try All the Sizes

Let me say this loud and clear: Clothing sizes are not regulated. Not at all! This is why you might wear a size four in one store, a size 12 in another, or go between three or four sizes all within one place! Don’t pay attention to the number on the tag, find the garment that fits you perfectly. (For more on why sizing just doesn’t matter, head here.)

3. But do you LOVE it??

You shouldn’t have to talk yourself into buying something. If you do, the chances of you wearing it later are pretty slim. Only buy the things that you know you like and you know you’ll actually wear.

how to shop - Splendry

4. Dress for Success!

A major shopping day (where you’re looking to buy, not just browse!) calls for the right outfit. Leave the seventeen layers, tights, belts, boots that take five minutes to lace up at home. You need clothes that are easy to change! Items like maxi dresses, or a simple top and jeans/pants are perfect and easy to get in and out of. 

5. Know Where to Spend! 

You’ve probably heard this before- invest in the classics, go cheap on trends. Found THE perfect pair of everyday jeans you’ll live in for the next few years? If you can afford it, go ahead and spend the extra on them. For a “here today, gone by next season” trend, it’s more than fine to stick to affordable shops like Target, H&M, or Forever 21. 

I hope this helps answer your “how to shop” questions a little better? For more help, read part 2 here!

Originally published March 31, 2015

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.