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Shop Smart! More Tips for Shopping Survival

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Just when you thought you had all the shopping knowledge you needed, I’ve got a few more tips to go along with the last “Shopping Survival” post! It doesn’t matter if you love to shop or would rather spend the day getting cavities filled, these tips will help you shop smart!

Tips to Help You Shop Smart

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6. Come Prepared

How many times do you try on something and think, “if I had on the right bra/underwear/shapewear/etc., this would fit great!” Well, bring them with you!

It’s not unusual for me to throw another bra in my bag before I head out on a major shopping excursion. You never know what you might find and having the right undergarments with you will save you time in the end! (And a few less returns!)

7. Don’t Rush

Just like most things, if you try to rush through you’re bound to make some mistakes! If you know you need a certain item, like a dress for a wedding or a special occasion, allow yourself plenty of time to shop.

Many mistakes are made with a “I only have 30 minutes to find the perfect dress and I need it by tonight!”-type scenario. While it can be done, why rush it if you don’t have to? Take your time, allow yourself to check out lots of options and in the end, you’ll feel better about making the right choice!

8. Impulse Buys Can Be the Best Buys

You’ll hear many “experts” say that you should never buy something unless it’s on your “list”. While that’s a good idea in theory, some of my favorite buys ever have been total impulse purchases.

Granted, they were items that fit my taste, shape, and budget, but they weren’t necessarily planned! Besides, doesn’t it usually end up that the item you eyed forever sometimes ends up being worn less than that random item you found on the clearance rack?

9. Be Leery of the Sales Person

Now, I know a ton of super sweet salespeople, just don’t forget that they often work on commission! So, before you let them talk you into those jeans you aren’t sure of, or that store credit card you don’t need, remember that they aren’t necessarily style experts!! 

One of the last times I was in LA I stopped by a fancy department store to check out some denim. I found a pair I kind of liked but before I could really think about it, the saleslady had me in the fitting room with the in-store tailor marking the hem. I kept trying to tell her I still wasn’t sure about the fit (and considering the price tag, I really needed to be sure!) but she kept pushing and pushing.

Not a confrontational person (AT ALL), I was moments away from pulling out my wallet but I instead told her I really needed to think about it. So, I awkwardly left the small group of clerks that had gathered to tell me how “fantastic” I looked and breathed a sign of relief as I got outside. And I never thought about the jeans again. I’d say that was a good call. 

shop smart - Splendry

10. It’s OK to Walk Away

Found something you can’t live without? Maybe? It’s OK to take your time! With the exception of those last items on the rack, generally you have plenty of time to think over a purchase. Particularly if you are shelling out a little more cash than normal, really give yourself time to feel comfortable with the purchase.

Whether you think it over for an hour, or a few days, take the time to see if you really want the item.  Can’t stop thinking about it after a week? Go for it. Already forgot what it looks like? Good call on walking away! 

I’m sure I’ll be back with some more tips to help you shop smart but feel free to share yours in the comments!

Originally published April 9, 2015

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.