Shoe Review: Why You Need Claire Scrunch Flats


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A few years ago, I was the type of woman who would wear high heels most days. I enjoyed the way they looked and felt. Then, I broke my foot. Since then I have to be conscientious about what shoes I wear, especially when it comes to dress shoes. Enter the best friend of my feet- the Claire Scrunch Flats from Payless. You might say- Ann! Payless? Really?

Yes, really!

Why you need Claire Scrunch Flats from Payless - Splendry

They are comfortable and durable. I wear my black pair most days, and the only true wear has been a few scuffs in the patent pleather. I also have a pair in red, which are wonderful. In fact, I’d love to have some in every color. And when you can often find them on sale for $20, or even $15, that is a pretty feasible goal.

I have recommended them to everyone, so I also recommend them to you now. If you need a comfy pair of daily shoes, or shoes to slip on to dance in or travel, this is your pair!

Originally published September 24, 2015

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