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Maternity Style Tips

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Dressing a changing body while trying to retain some sense of style can be tough. With all the physical changes, planning, and plain ‘ol exhaustion involved in growing a baby, the last thing you want to do is think too much about the clothes you put on each day. I’ve got four items to add to your wardrobe to help you extend the clothing you already have and feel comfortable (and stylish) as your pregnancy progresses!

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maternity style tips - Splendry

1. Get a comfortable bra

Maybe some of the best advice I read in my pregnancy was how to shop for bras. For someone already on the bustier side, I really wasn’t sure what to expect and how many bras I’d be buying. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Months 1-3  – You can probably get away with your regular bra for a bit, I kept wearing my same bras until they started getting a little too snug around month 3.
  • Months 4-6 – Once things were getting a tad uncomfortable I bought a new bra and just went up one band and cup size.
  • Months 7-9 – It’s probably time to invest in a couple of maternity bras that will give you some more support. You might need to go up another band size too!

Not only will a comfy bra make you feel much more comfortable (especially when everything else is getting very uncomfortable), your clothing will also fit better, making you feel better too!

2. Grab a belly band

maternity bellaband support belt - maternity style tips

Maternity Bellaband Support Band

Everyone’s body is different. You might be ready to shop for maternity pants early on or still be wearing your same ‘ol pants (just maybe unbuttoned) into month eight. If you find yourself in the in between regular pants and maternity pants phase, a belly band will help solve your issues.

This handy piece of stretchy fabric allows you to wear your old pants simply by leaving them unbuttoned/unzipped and the band works as a maternity panel and keeps your pants up and in place. This also works with maternity pants that might still be a little too big. Wear it folded down or pulled up for all over smoothing and coverage.

3. Flowy dresses are your friends

maternity style tips - flowy dress

Striped Maternity Maxi Dress

A flowy dress with either an empire waist or no waist will buy you lots of time, and be super comfortable! Both will grow with you and still be there post-pregnancy. Make sure the dress has some stretch to it and you’ll be thankful every time you put it on!

4. Use what you’ve got

Instead of my usual swapping of my closet from spring/summer clothing to fall/winter, I went ahead and removed everything I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear until next year. This meant all form-fitting fall and winter dresses, tops, and skirts headed to storage! What I did keep were button down blouses, cardigans, blazers, longer shirts with fuller waistlines and dresses with no waistbands.

I also made sure to keep clothing that would work for layering. I’m not talking layers and layers of clothing, because, let’s be real, pregnancy is nothing if not hot. What I mean is using the clothing you have to layer over maternity items.

That button down that doesn’t button at the moment? Wear it open over your tee and jeans or summer maxi dress. The waist-less dress I usually wear belted? That belt moved higher up on my waist in the beginning and then eventually was left behind in favor of only the loose dress. By using the clothing I had already, I was able to still feel a little bit like myself as my pregnancy progressed!

Have any maternity style tips to share? We’d love to hear them!

Originally published October 10, 2017

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Tuesday 10th of October 2017

I loved the Bellaband. I didn't even need maternity jeans with it!

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