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Life Hack: Blanket Scarf Tutorial

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Have you seen those super cute oversize flannel scarves? You know the ones that are like $60 and are not much more than a large square of flannel fabric? Well, today I am about to show you the easiest life hack of all times and save you some serious dollars with a blanket scarf tutorial!

Easy blanket scarf tutorial on Splendry


All you need is a piece of flannel (about a yard) and a pair of scissors. It is really that simple!

I found a coupon to Hancock Fabrics online and ended up getting three flannel prints for around $14! Just Google for coupons! Hobby Lobby also has flannel, but my local Hancock’s had more of a selection.

Anyways, you will need about a yard of fabric! The yard will give you a rectangle, so you will need to cut it where it is more of a square shape. (However, I didn’t cut mine at all. I pretty much left it the way it was and started wearing it almost right after I got the fabric! Haha) Depending on the width of your fabric you could have them cut it less than a yard to be a perfect square. However, the excess you cut off could be used for more fun crafting. (More flannel tutorials to come!)

The flannel will fray slightly on the edges, but I am fine with it so I just let it go! But, if you aren’t in to that sort of thing then just grab some Fray-Check when you are getting your fabric and apply it to the edges!

After you have your fabric laid out (and edges Fray-Checked) all you have to do it start folding. I laid mine out on the floor to start with and then folded two opposite corners together to make a big triangle. Next, take the two points and wrap it around your neck so it is secure. Once it is in place, just start fluffing and pulling and tucking until you get the desired look you are going for.

And, there you have it. A super simple and super cheap flannel scarf!blanket scarf tutorial

A special thanks to Shae for being the first to test my tutorial and sending me cute modeling pictures!!

Originally published February 20, 2015

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Wednesday 22nd of November 2017

Hi Brenna, i will try to do it. Thanks for your helful sharing. :D

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.