How to Keep Your Jeans Tucked Into Your Boots All Day


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I pretty much live in boots from September on and there’s nothing more frustrating than messing with your jeans all day trying to get them to stay tucked inside your boots. A few tips on getting your jeans to stay put!

1. Don’t attempt a tall skinny boot with a wide-legged jean. Sounds obvious, yes, but don’t try it. It will not end well. Opt for skinny or straight jeans to ensure no bunching.

2. Grab some ankle-length or capris. I’m not a fan of capri pants generally (why would you want to shorten your legs?) but I do own a great pair of skinny legged denim capris I’ve had forever. I only wear them with tall boots because you can’t tell the length underneath and they don’t bunch up around my ankles! Last year I bought a couple pair of ankle length jeans and they also work great. Just make sure your boots are tall enough to cover.

3. Get some boot straps. If you don’t have a skinny leg, but more of a slim boot cut (it’s going to be tricky using anything wider than that), grab some sort of boot strap (affiliate link). They’re great for getting the look you want!

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Happy boot season!

Originally posted December 23, 2014

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