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DIY Cheap Glitter Earrings

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Well, just call me Brenna Spade because seriously easiest project ever. I have seen this floating around Pinterest more times than I can count, but finally decided to give it a try. See I lose things easily. Like super easy. I never know where my keys are and if it wasn’t for writing this blog post right now my phone would be somewhere with my keys probably. So, when I hear people saying they spent like $80 on a pair of glitter stud earrings I shudder. Like I can’t breathe, can’t see straight shudder. I mean I could buy a lot with $80– like shoes, or a down payment on a House of Flynn camera bag, or just think about how much peanut butter you could buy!! (Disclaimer– peanut butter is my go-to work food. It’s like my brain power.) Anyways, back to Kate Spade. I just couldn’t do it. So I gave this DIY tutorial a try and it’s so easy, so cute and so cheap! Bonus, if you lose one it only costs approximately $3 to replace both. Win win.

diy cheap glitter earrings-Splendry

So, go to Wal-mart. Find the jewelry section. Look for these little square studs (see below). Getcha a pair. Or two if you are feeling a bit on the wild side. Go to the nail polish aisle. Grab you a couple of glitter polishes and a bottle of topcoat. Check out. Go home. Craft time.

Okay, so you’re home. Or craft in your car like me sometimes. Whatever.

I think you know where this craft is going, but I’ll tell you always!

Apply a thick (but even) layer of the glitter polish on the stud. Careful not to get it on any of the metal parts. It wipes off pretty easy, but nevertheless. Work smarter, not harder. Let dry for a few to 30 minutes before applying a second layer. Keep applying/drying until you get the desired look you want. I usually stick to three glitter coats. After you get the look you want, apply an even layer of top coat to seal the shine. Let dry thoroughly. I recommend over night. And boom. Kate Spade fake earrings for $3! Easy peasy and you can make all the colors you want.

diy cheap glitter earrings

I’m planning to go get more to make my little cousins their very own Brenna Spade Designs. Bonus for me is that they are young and could care less about Kate Spade and fashion right now!

Originally published January 7, 2015

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.