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Denim Therapy

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I was once one of those people who refused to pay a lot of money for jeans. Especially once I was buying my own clothing, a $20 pair seemed sufficient. Of course after wearing them a couple of times, they were stretched out, they shrunk, and really just didn’t fit! Fast forward a few years, and I’m managing a clothing boutique that carries designer jeans. My introduction to the world of quality clothing has begun!

While my younger self thought $150+ was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on jeans, 30-something me knows that I have these same jeans hanging in my closet – now around 10 years old and they are still in amazing shape!  A good investment I’d say.

But no matter how great the quality and construction, if you wear something that long and that much, it starts to show. I was wearing the very first pair of nice jeans I bought a few months back and went to tuck my knees up under me on the couch and:

Denim Therapy review - Splendry

Now if these had been a $20 pair from Target, no big deal. But I paid about $160 for them (and though I think I got my money’s worth over the years) and knew I couldn’t easily replace them without spending at least another $160. Since I’m not one for the ripped denim look, I wanted them fixed!

Luckily, there’s Denim Therapy! I was introduced to Denim Therapy a few years back and it’s an amazing service!

denim therapy before and after

Photo via Denim Therapy website

Fill out your information – name, contact info, and then print off your form. Circle the area on the jean drawing they provide that you want fixed and package them up. They even provide you a shipping form so you can drop them right in the mail. (They add the cost of shipping to your order.)

Since I was sending them anyway, I figured I might as well get the hem repaired too. I tend to wear this pair more with flats and never got around to hemming them.

Denim Therapy review - torn hem

So I added them to an envelope, printed off a shipping form, and dropped them in the mail! About a week later I received an estimate for my order:

  • Knee repair: $24
  • Original hem reconstruction: $80 (yikes!)
  • They also mentioned that since it seemed like the jeans were a little long, they could just do a regular hem for $18 instead of reconstructing the original one (yes!)

My brother also had a pair that needed a hole repaired so we sent them together to save on shipping.  My total cost: $54.

So, so worth it to me! Basically I got one of my favorite pairs of jeans completely refreshed and like new for about $40, minus shipping. Here’s to another 8 years of wear!

Denim Therapy review - Splendry

A few years back I had them repair my FAVORITE pair of jeans that I had basically worn thin. A huge hole had developed on the inside left thigh. And now?

What hole?

Denim Therapy review - Splendry

That repair cost me about $20. Again, this pair of jeans was originally about $180 and I LIVED IN THEM. And Denim Therapy SAVED THEM! FOR $20!

They provide other services too:

services 1

services 2

via Denim Therapy website

If you have a pair of jeans that you’ve invested a little more in and are now disappointed to have signs of wear or tear, it’s definitely worth sending them in! If you’ve tried Denim Therapy, let me know!

Originally published January 19, 2015

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Anna Jane

Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

What brand of jean do you recommend?


Thursday 4th of February 2016

Really, you've got to try different brands and cuts until you find the right fit for your body! My favorite brand is David Kahn but they are hard to find these days. For a cheaper pair that still gives pretty decent quality The Limited are a good option too. For high quality (and more $$) brands to start with: Paige, Frame, Sevens, Joe's and NYDJ.

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