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A Guide to Clothing Subscriptions

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If you haven’t tried a clothing subscription yet, you’ve probably at least heard about a few of them. Before you take the plunge, I’ve got the lowdown on a few of the most popular clothing subscriptions out there. From the cost and what you get, to referral rewards and shipping info (what’s free and what’s not!), I’ve got you covered! Plus, there are links to reviews of my own experiences with them! So read on and see which subscription might be the best fit for you!

Guide to clothing subscriptions on Splendry

Stitch Fix

Stitch fix review - Splendry


  • You Get: Receive 5 hand-picked items sent to you try at home.
  • Cost: $20 styling fee that works as a credit towards anything you purchase.
  • Shipping: Free shipping both ways (they include an addressed envelope for shipment)
  • Your Style: Very detailed style profile to fill out, including preferences of styles and colors, items you request or would prefer not to receive, etc.
  • Referrals: You can get a $25 credit for referring a friend.
  • Auto Renew?: No auto renews, you choose when you’d like a “fix”!
  • Try it!: Get your first fix here.

I’ve only received one “fix” but will likely try them again soon. You can read my review of my first package here. I think the more you try them the better they get at knowing what you like! I did find the items to be more expensive with this service than some of the others I had tried. 

Le Tote

Le Tote subscription review - Splendry


  • You Get: This is a clothing “rental”. Wear the clothing as much as you want, then send your items back for a new box. You receive 3 garments and 2 accessories per box and you can choose your items online. You can also purchase any items you receive at a discount.
  • Cost: $49/month
  • Shipping: Free shipping both ways (they include an addressed envelope for shipment)
  • Your Style: Questions include designers you like, body shade and sizing questions, things to avoid in your boxes, colors you prefer, etc. 
  • Referrals: For each referral of a friend you receive a $15 credit to put toward purchases.
  • Auto Renew?: Automatically renews unless you go into skip.
  • Try it!: You can save $25 off your first box with this link

Le Tote is the one I have tried and used the most. I like that I can swap the clothes in and out and actually purchased quite a few of the items I received. I think the most I ever swapped out was three different packages in a month, so that’s a pretty good selection of new clothing to add to your wardrobe on a monthly basis! Since the last time I tried them they have made some updates to the clothing selection and there are more options for better quality and lines you’re familiar with. I’m excited to try them again soon. You can see some reviews here

Nadine West

Nadine West subscription - Splendry

  • You Get: Try tops, scarves and jewelry at home for a few days, purchase what you like 
  • Cost: $6.50/month to cover shipping, they’ll credit this back towards any items you purchase.
  • Shipping: They include a shipping label for return.
  • Your Style: A brief style profile including styles of tops and jewelry you prefer, colors you like, and other basic style info.
  • Referrals: No referral program that I am aware of.
  • Auto Renew?: Renews automatically but you have the option to email them to skip.
  • Try it: Try it here.

I received two months of Nadine West before I cancelled. The review of my first package is here. My second package included items that were not my style at all. The only thing I ever kept was a pair of stud earrings that actually came in a package my mom received. I didn’t find the quality of items to be very good and totally not my taste. I didn’t mind giving them more chances initially since it was free to get packages but once they added the $6.50 shipping charge/credit I decided to opt out. 


Wantable subscription review - Splendry

  • You Get: Try five items at home for five days, purchase what you like. If you purchase all items, you save 25%.
  • Cost: $20 styling fee, this is credited toward any purchase you make
  • Shipping: Free shipping (addressed envelope included)
  • Your Style: You fill out a detailed style profile, including the kinds of items you’d like to receive and how much you want to pay for them.
  • Referrals: $10 credit for each friend that signs up
  • Auto Renew: Renews automatically but you have the option to go in and skip.
  • Try It: Try a month here

I’ve only received one month of Wantable but will definitely try it again. You can see my review here. I also purchased something I received. Great quality items, and love how detailed your profile is. Compared to Stitch Fix I think they have more “trendier” items available. Stitch Fix seems a little more classic than trendy, that was my experience anyway. 

Verdict: While Le Tote is the priciest of the group, I really enjoyed my experiences with them and will probably continue to use them here and there (but not every month). Stitch Fix and Wantable are both services I plan to try again in the next couple of months. Not too much of a financial commitment ($20) and they work with you to get items you like. Nadine West, not so much. I do wish them luck in the future, I know they’re new so maybe they’ll get some of the kinks worked out.

Other subscriptions I know of but haven’t personally tried:
  • Gwynnie BeeSizes 10-32. Subscriptions starting at $35 a month, unlimited exchanges.
  • Golden Tote – Choose a tote, $49 (2-3 items), or $149 (5-6 items). Items are yours to keep. You get to choose one or two items yourself, the rest are a surprise! I plan to try this one soon!
What are your experiences with clothing subscriptions? Do you have any favorites? Share!

Originally published September 13, 2015

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Tuesday 29th of August 2017

I've heard great things about Stitch Fix and am hoping to try it out at some point! :]

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