Breaking All the Rules: Part 1


Ask anyone who knows me well, I’m a rule-follower. I always wear my seatbelt, I’m quiet in libraries, and I try to file my taxes early.  At the same time, I do NOT like when people tell me what to do (when they have no authority). Street sign telling me I can’t park somewhere, fine. Random person telling me what to do, not cool.

This is also pretty evident in how I dress. As a kid I wore different colored socks to match my outfits. (Outfit red and blue? One red sock, one blue sock, rolled down to a tube around my ankle.) We are constantly surrounded by fashion “rules”. Uh, just who exactly is in charge here? Who gets to decide on the rules?  

Today we’re throwing them out. And no, we’re not just ignoring them. We are going to blatantly break them. And it’s going to be awesome. I’m splitting this post into two so it’s not so much info at once! Look for Part 2 tomorrow!

top 10 fashion rules part 1



1. No White After Labor Day

One of the oldest rules, we’ve heard this forever! Certainly created in a different time to set apart some ladies of society, this rule should be definitely be broken!

White After Labor Day 1

White After Labor Day 2

2. Don’t Mix Silver and Gold

Pick a metal, they say. But only one!  Well I say, forget them! Mix it up whether you’re talking accessories:

Silver and Gold Accessories

Or Clothing:

Silver and Gold



3. No Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes are supposedly horribly unflattering. Sure, certain horizontal stripes are unflattering. Just like the wrong black dress or pair of jeans can be unflattering. Find the right proportion and the right placement and you’ll look amazing!

Horizontal Stripes

Have an area you don’t want to accentuate? Keep the lines thinner and closer together. But don’t be afraid to go for some color blocking and really play up your shape. Remember, placement is important!

Horizontal Stripes 2

4. Don’t Mix Black and Navy (or Black and Brown)

How much are you limiting your wardrobe potential by avoiding certain color combos? How great do black and navy look together?

Navy and Black 1

What about black and brown?

Black and Brown

5. No Open Toed Shoes in Winter

Sure it’s cold out. That’s what tights are for! Besides, that tiny triangle covering the toes on your pumps probably isn’t going to protect you from frostbite anymore than an open toe. (Disclaimer: if it’s cold enough and you’re outside long enough to get frostbite, wear actual shoes please. Or stay inside.) I break this one on a regular basis. I have some dark purple peep-toes that I love with a black dress and tights in the winter!

Keep it simple and neutral:

with tights

Or go bold!

tights colored

Check back tomorrow for Part 2! But first, tell me which of these rules is your favorite to break!

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