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10 Heart Handbags! Perfect Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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We’ve rounded up some fun love-inspired heart bags just in time for Valentine’s Day! Starting at just $9.99 there is something in every price range. A sweet heart bag makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day this year! Check out our favorites!

What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Sure, chocolates are nice and flowers look pretty on your desk, but both of those are gone in just a few days. (Or sooner, depending on how good the chocolate is!) I’ve got a better way to celebrate! This year, when asked what your perfect Valentine’s Day gift is, you’ll have an answer! 

I’ve rounded up some fun love-inspired heart bags just in time for Valentine’s Day! Starting at just $19.99 there is something in every price range! Pick out your favorite(s) and send those links to whoever is “surprising” you this year. (Let’s be honest, the best surprises happen when you provide options!)

10 Heart Bags Perfect for Valentine's Day

With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, many stores may have a holiday collection that is filled with just what you’re looking for, but often times a heart shaped or heart printed bag is easy to find anywhere and at any time! 

Expand Valentine gift-giving yourself, and find your mom some fun lunch bags to celebrate, or bring your besties cute Valentine purses for Galentine’s Day. Crossbody bags, cosmetic cases, small utility totes, whatever you want, there’s a heart bag with your name written all over it. 

And of course, don’t forget to be your OWN Valentine this year. Treat yourself to a fun gift for February 14th!

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10 Heart Bags Perfect for Valentine’s Day

1. Vegan Leather Satchel Crossbody

red heart shaped bag

No wonder this is one of Amazon’s best sellers for heart bags, it’s A) super cute, and B) super affordable. Plus, if you need quicker service, you’re likely to get it to your shipping destination in time. Win! 

2. Gizelle Straw Clutch

straw clutch bag with heart detail

The heart is subtle here and because this is a straw bag, you are very entitled to continue carrying it through the summer months too! Pair it with your favorite jeans and sweater now, and a cute maxi dress once it warms up! This is sure to make it into your summer capsule collection. 

3. Heart Lunch Bag

heart lunch tote

If gifts are your love language, this cute lunch tote is on the list of thoughtful gifts! It could also be great for other things: school supplies, candy stash, or whatever you’d like!

4. Small Heart Crossbody

crossbody red and pink heart bag

This might be my favorite pick on the list, how adorable is this bag? I love the color blocking and the fun tassels. Plus, it comes in a few other colors too!

5. Mini Heart Cosmetics Bag

small pink cosmetics bag

A cosmetics bag is always a winner and this is perfect to add to your travel bags collection, too. With this mini size, it’s perfect for small spaces in your purse or tote bag. 

6. Quilted Pillow Heart Crossbody Bag

quilted heart shaped Coach bag

On the higher end of the price spectrum for this list, but an investment that will be the perfect addition to your outfit for a romantic date night.

7. Puff Heart Crossbody Bag 

pink puffy heart bag

On the trendier side for sure, but the price helps!

8. Insulated Lunch Bag

pink insulated lunch bag

Let your love shine bright this year! Valentine’s day gifts just reached a new level of cool, I love this lunch bag! Insulated bags are always a great gift and can be used often.

9. Boxy Makeup Bag

heart printed makeup bag

A sweet gift and one that you could easily add more fun treats too! Fill this under-$10 bag with cute accessories and sweet treats for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Another idea? 

10. Beaded Pearl Heart Clutch

beaded heart clutch

The look is sophisticated, the price is definitely not. Love this option for a fun surprise gift. It’s so pretty it could almost pass as home décor! 

I promised 10, but couldn’t resist adding this sweet little bag to the list!

​11. Beaded Heart Purse

beaded heart bag

This is labeled as a kid’s bag but it would also be sweet as a mini bag for you if you’re into it! 

I hope you’ve got some great new gift ideas for friends, family, and yourself, of course! 






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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.