20 DIY Beauty Products To Make this Weekend


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I love a good project. Gathering up supplies, following instructions (or sometimes winging it!); it’s like one fun puzzle for me. Now combine a project with my love of beauty products and I’m pretty much in heaven. I’ve been itching to create something lately but have been limited on time, funds, and well, inspiration! I was able to find some great DIY beauty products I can make and wanted to share them with you! 

I’ve organized these DIY recipes by categories: lips, face, body, and hair. So whether you want a smoothing lip scrub, a luscious body butter or a nourishing hair mask, it’s there! What will you try first?

One tip: like you do when you purchase a product, check the ingredients for possible irritants before you apply any of these! 

20 DIY Beauty Products to Make

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20 DIY Beauty Products To Make



Cranberry Lip Balm

Photo Credit: tikkido.com

Not only does this sound so nourishing and soft on your lips, it also looks like it would make a great gift.

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Homemade Orange And Vanilla Lip Scrub

Photo Credit: redheadedpatti.com

I can almost smell this luscious orange and vanilla scent, can you? Yum!

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Homemade Lip Gloss

Photo Credit: www.fleecefun.com

 Sweet and sparkling lip gloss that is perfect for gift giving.

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Homemade Natural Shimmering Lip Balm

Photo Credit: www.homemadefoodjunkie.com

Feels great on and easy to customize to get the color you want.

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DIY Pore Strips

Easy to make and really effective at clearing pores. Bonus, you might already have the ingredients you need!

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DIY Hyaluronic Acid Serum Recipe

Photo Credit: beautycrafter.com

If you're wanting to maintain your moisture barrier or up hydration levels, hyaluronic acid is great for that.

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Homemade Mud Mask 

Photo Credit: savingdollarsandsense.com

Who needs a trip to the spa when you can treat yourself at home!

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Rose Water Face Spray DIY

Photo Credit: pinkfortitude.com

Cooling and soothing, and has anti-aging benefits too!

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Peppermint Cleansing and Toning Wipes

Photo Credit: bitzngiggles.com

So refreshing and the peppermint provides a nice burst of energy!

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DIY Caffeine Eye Serum » Everblossom

Photo Credit: everblossom.net

Goodbye dark circles and puffy eyes!

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DIY Natural Blush

Photo Credit: pistachioproject.com

Give yourself a gorgeous natural glow.

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Turmeric Soap Recipe with Dandelions For Rosacea

Photo Credit: the-socialites-closet.com

This turmeric soap recipe with dandelions is perfect for those that suffer from rosacea or eczema.

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Natural DIY Cuticle Cream With Lemon Essential Oil

Photo Credit: diybeautybase.com

Very easy to make and comes with PDF labels so it is great for gifts.

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Whipped Body Butter Recipe

Photo Credit: myculturedpalate.com

Doesn't require essential oils, but you can add some of your choosing to get the scent you love!

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Soy Lotion Bars

Photo Credit: bitzngiggles.com

These bars moisturize deeply, go on creamy and you can see the difference in your skin right away.

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DIY Hair Lightening Spray

If you used to spray lemon juice on your hair before heading into the sun, this might be a gentler approach to lightening your locks.

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Three-Ingredient Overnight Coconut Oil Hair Mask 

Photo Credit: diycandy.com

Just three ingredients away from soft, gorgeous locks!

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DIY Hair Powder

Brunette or blonde, there's a grease-fighting hair powder perfect for your locks.

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Hair Detangler Spray

Photo Credit: savingdollarsandsense.com

Easy to make and just four ingredients needed!

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Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Photo Credit: www.goodlifeeats.com

 A great way to refresh the scalp, treat dry scalp and dandruff promote hair growth.

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Make yourself a few of these products and then treat yourself to an at-home spa day. I think I’ll do the same! 

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