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Glenda loves anything spur of the moment and is ready for the next adventure whether it be with family or friends. She dabbles with flowers, music and artsy things and thinks everyday and everything is an adventure. Partial to classic movies, British TV mysteries and her grandchildren! Not necessarily in that order.

We all know why clothing has tags, they carry a lot of important information! From the brand and size to the essential “care” details, it’s something that you kind of need. But what happens when that tag is so bulky it scratches your skin? Or what about those items that reveal your tag? Whether it’s …

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All of us have memories of trying to make a recipe just like “Aunt Lucy”, crafting like Martha Stewart or (the worst) trying to look like the airbrushed model in a fashion magazine. Of course these tries usually ended up differently than the mentioned examples. So what? So what if we tried the recipe handed down …

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