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Annie is a mother, a wife, a pug owner, a professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician. She has lived all over the country and has happily settled down in Oklahoma where the people are kind and a herd of turkeys share her neighborhood. Her hobbies include: hoarding eye shadows, singing loudly and keepin' it real.

Sometimes your skin just doesn’t look its best. Lack of sleep, too much caffeine – not enough water, sleeping in your makeup (nooooo!), busy with life, stress, stress, stress. There are lots of reasons why we tend to neglect our complexions until we look in the mirror and say “Whoa. What’s happening here?!”. Why should …

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My sister said, “I used the coconut oil to remove my makeup and I broke out horribly! I have since stopped using it and my face cleared up.”  After getting a little more info, I realized that she applied it over makeup, tissued it off, then went to bed. As someone with sensitive skin, makeup …

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