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Anna Jane

Anna Jane Perrey is a lover of many things. She is passionate about travel, food, various forms of entertainment and cheeseburgers. She is married to a nerd (the cool kind) and has two gorgeous children, George and Betsy. Her life goal is to have hair like Tami Taylor. She works full-time as a mother, minister's wife, and schnoodle owner.

Fall is almost upon us, people, and with fall comes all the most wonderful things!  Pumpkins, scarves, jackets, football, and comfort foods. Yay! #praise #blessed On my list of comfort foods, without a doubt, is chili. Now I know everyone has their own recipe, but this, my darling readers, is the best chili recipe ever. …

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Interested in some good ole British fare from across the sea? How about some Toad in the Hole, Spotted Dick, Bangers and Mash, Blood Sausage, or Clotted Cream? Hard pass, you say? I don’t blame you! But never fear – these are just a few of the weirdly named but super delicious foods in merry …

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