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Amanda Kintz is a wife, mother, nurse, and coffee addict. She runs the blog Crunchy Hippie Life and is author of the ebook, Dirt Cheap Nutrition, where she details how she and her husband maximized their nutrition while living on a grocery budget of $25 each week.

It is no secret that life is getting increasingly expensive. As prices for necessities continue to rise, it’s become more and more important to find creative ways to save money. A common disappointment of implementing a budget is limiting “fun” purchases or buying store brands instead of favorite brands. One of the best creative ways …

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April 15th is rapidly approaching. If you haven’t already done your taxes, you’re probably preparing all your documents to make sure you take advantage of every possible deduction. Or, maybe you’re procrastinating because really, who wants to have to do taxes? Money is a tool that will either help you or harm you, depending on …

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