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3 Cream Cheese Sausage Biscuits

These little Cream Cheese Sausage Biscuits are my go-to when I want breakfast for dinner. My husband loves them and I do too! Plus, they are super easy and fast to make! Ingredients: 2 lbs sausage 2 green peppers 2…

0 Wellness Tips for the New Year

New year = time for some new habits! A few tips to get your year started right! Wellness Tips for the New Year 1. Exhale!  It sounds deceivingly simple, but it’s easy to get “caught” in a perpetual inhale in the…

0 3 Ingredient Mug Cake Recipe

You’ve probably seen your share of recipes for a mug cake. Maybe even tried a few? I’ve tried my hand at these in the past with little success. They were always dry, undercooked or overcooked, and just plain not good! So…

0 Stay on the Budget Bandwagon

Once you’ve set a budget up, you won’t find that everything runs just perfectly. One thing that I learned early with my budget journey is that budgeting is a marathon, not a sprint. Often people jump on the budget bandwagon…