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0 Easy DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags

Between Thanksgiving food shopping, Christmas cards, decorations, and of course, gifts, money seems to be going as quickly as you can say “Fa, la, la”! One extra expense we can cut off our lists this year? Expensive gift bags! Ditch…

0 DIY These 7 Fun Holiday Garlands!

When the holiday season arrives, many people begin transforming their homes into winter wonderlands. From Christmas trees and lights to decorations that show off snowmen, angels and Santa himself, there are so many fun decorations out there! To take your…

0 The Best 2 Ingredient Desserts

2 ingredient desserts. Let me repeat, 2 INGREDIENT DESSERTS. Do I have your attention now? There are few things that excite me more than ways to spend less time in the kitchen. (Just not my thing!) While I do occasionally…

0 Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family

I love Christmas. I love spending time with family, giving gifts and remembering Jesus’ birthday. But one of the things I really love about Christmas is Christmas traditions. They are special things and times that you share with your family. They…