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0 20 Pairs of Fabulous Fall Shoes Under $50

Fall fashion is my favorite kind of fashion! The boots, the jackets, the cozy layers, and did I mention the boots? While I’m eagerly awaiting dropping temperatures so I can pull out all my fall favorites, I’m also ready to…

3 5 Dollar Tree Favorites

Dollar Tree is by far my favorite of all the discount stores; mainly because unlike Family Dollar, etc., everything REALLY is a dollar or less. Maybe you’ve avoided going in because you think there can’t possibly be anything good there.…

0 Travel Tips to Make Your Next Trip Easier

Traveling can be a joyful experience, full of memory-making and togetherness. Of course, anyone who has traveled with their family knows that it can be as much work as it is fun! Whether you’re planning a solo trip, a meet-up…

0 How to Become a Physician Assistant

In high school, I was always pretty good at science, and chemistry was my favorite class. I also generally like being around and helping people. So when the time came to pick a career I first considered becoming a Pharmacist.…