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0 Road Trip Playlist: Indie Rap

Do you like fun indie rap songs, but don’t know how to discover new artists? This list can get you on the right track. I’ve put together a list of fun songs, perfect for road trips. Save these for grown…

2 Goodbye Greasy Hair: DIY Hair Powder

Your hair is greasy, isn’t it? I knew it. Your solutions are as follows: 1.) Throw on a hat and make your hat greasy too. 2.) A greasy updo of some sort. Greasy top knot? Greasy ponytail? Or greasy bun?…

0 BiteNWA: The Perfect Summer Getaway!

Splendry is happy to partner with #BiteNWA and has been compensated for this post. All opinions are our own. When I first started to brainstorm ideas for celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary this summer (10 years!), I had a few…

1 Last Minute Chocolate Cake

I wish I were an always-prepared kind of a girl, but more often than not, I’m scrambling at the last minute to get something done! And one of those areas is definitely the kitchen! It’s quite common for me to…