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0 Shopping 101: Size is Just a Number

While clothes shopping can be a fun way to spend your day (for some people), it can also be frustrating!  Standing in the dressing room with 6 pairs of pants, 4 skirts, and 3 dresses all in 3 different sizes…

6 Moving Tips You Need to Know

Ah, the big M- MOVING. Most of the time moving comes with a significant life change- a new job, a new relationship, maybe a growing family. But behind the excitement underlies a web of logistical planning that must take place.…

3 Strawberry Cream Pie Recipe

This week I was searching around on Pinterest when I came across a recipe for Strawberry Cream Pie. I immediately bought the ingredients and made it that afternoon! This recipe does make two pies, so be ready to keep one for yourself and…

0 Why You Need a Life-Saving LifeVac

Amanda was provided with a LifeVac to review for this post. All opinions are her own.  The other day I came across a product that caught my eye. It is a device made to help choking victims when the Heimlich…