0 Visiting the Biltmore

If you are a fan of old architecture and beautiful houses, the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina is a stop you don’t want to miss. This place is massive and gorgeous. The Biltmore was built by George Vanderbilt, the grandson…

1 Cruising Alaska

If you’re anything like me during the summer, you’re dreaming about vacation destinations in a cooler climate all the live-long day. My husband and I were doing this last year. We had talked several times before about touring around Alaska…

0 On Holiday: Your Getaway to Slovenia

When I moved to London I had a list of thousands of places I wanted to explore. To view Paris from the Eiffel Tower, to explore the streets of Rome. Perhaps not surprisingly some of the places which didn’t top…

1 5 Reasons You Need to Visit Costa Rica

When my husband’s work sent him to Costa Rica earlier this year it wasn’t even a question that I would tag-along! I knew very little about the country in general and had never even considered visiting before this trip came…

0 I’m a Disney Foodie – Top 10

Food may not be the first thing that comes to mind for you when you think of Disney World, but it’s definitely one of the first things I think about! I’ve been to Disney World too many times to count…

2 Your Walt Disney World Bucket List

Your Walt Disney World Bucket List (Okay, okay, maybe it’s my bucket list) I truly believe that Walt Disney World is the happiest place on earth! There are so many things to do and see that you might be a…

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