1 Easy DIY Summer Games to Make

We’ve rounded up some great ideas for summer fun! Check out this list of easy DIY summer games to make and play with your family and friends, we know you’ll find one or two you love! 1. Ring Toss Game…

3 The (DIY) Kindness Tree

The Purpose:  The Kindness Tree holds the hearts of kindness that are witnessed when an act of kindness is done by others. You see someone being kind – they get a heart on the tree. The Background: Before I go…

2 5 Summer Reading Tips for Kids

Reading comes naturally to me; I’ve always loved it and always will. But for some people, especially kiddos who would rather be vegging out in the summer, sometimes you have to get a little creative to keep those little brains…

0 An Intro to Cloth Diapers

Have you heard that cloth diapers are making a comeback and found yourself wondering why? Have you been considering using cloth diapers, but find yourself overwhelmed with all the new terminology and different kinds of diapers? Either way, we’ve got…

0 Things We Love: NoseFrida

I dedicate this review to the things we do for our child that may be disgusting but are for their overall good. I wish I had time to think of all of those things that I have already done since having…

1 How to Make Homemade Slime

By now you’ve probably heard that homemade slime has been making the rounds as a trendy project to try at home. I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun with my nephews recently and I’ve got to say, it was…

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