Projects & Crafts

1 Easy and Adorable Snowman Tealight Ornaments

I love a good Christmas craft, especially one that literally takes minutes and only cost me $2 to make! (I had a few of the supplies already.) Here’s everything you need to make these adorable Snowman Tealight Ornaments! Supplies battery-operated…

Home Improvement/DIY
1 DIY: Dresser to TV Stand

Through a series of events, we had a TV sitting on a coffee table. It really didn’t look right plus I could see all the cords on the floor (not really a major problem, just a pet peeve). Guess what…another Pinterest…

0 DIY Baby Shower Cake Stand

This DIY stand can be used for cake, food, decor, or however you would like to use it. The three best parts: (1) It’s easy (2) It’s inexpensive (3) It’s can be customized to the shower. So, let’s get started!…

3 Modern Nature Baby Shower

I love a good DIY party. I really enjoy this creative outlet and getting to try out different ideas. Recently my sister-in-law asked if I would help her with her sister’s baby shower for her sweet little boy coming soon. Yes!…

0 DIY Personalized Sport Pennant

I recently decorated a baby shower in a basketball theme. It was one of my favorites! I made some super simple (and cute!) sport pennants that I could use to personalize the decor, and that Mommy-to-Be could take home. What…

Decor & Style
0 The Wreath Conundrum

I love wreaths. Like really love them. I would easily change out wreaths every two weeks if I could and would easily like to DIY them all. But, sigh. There is only one little problem with DIY’ing every single wreath…

0 Simple DIY Paper Garland

When my sister-in-law asked me to help decorate a baby shower for her sister we were on a major time crunch. Luckily, I have some go-to decor we could use from events over the years, but it’s always nice to…

Projects & Crafts
0 Easy Fall DIY Projects

We couldn’t be happier about heading into fall! Celebrate a new season with one of these easy fall DIY projects we’ve rounded up! Which one will you try first? 1. Fall Candle Centerpiece from That’s What Che Said 2. Dollar…

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