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8 DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

When I was perusing longingly through the CB2 catalog last month I noticed a specialty fabric wall hanging. Theirs was fabric pieces from another country with a significance I can’t seem to remember right now, but I thought “I can…

Projects & Crafts
0 Get Your Craft On

Did you know March is National Craft Month? No? (Me either.) But since it is, let’s take advantage of it! One of the nice things about the world we live in is our access to EVERYTHING. Want to learn to crochet?…

3 Modern Nature Baby Shower

I love a good DIY party. I really enjoy this creative outlet and getting to try out different ideas. Recently my sister-in-law asked if I would help her with her sister’s baby shower for her sweet little boy coming soon. Yes!…

3 The (DIY) Kindness Tree

The Purpose:  The Kindness Tree holds the hearts of kindness that are witnessed when an act of kindness is done by others. You see someone being kind – they get a heart on the tree. The Background: Before I go…

0 DIY Personalized Sport Pennant

I recently decorated a baby shower in a basketball theme. It was one of my favorites! I made some super simple (and cute!) sport pennants that I could use to personalize the decor, and that Mommy-to-Be could take home. What…

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