7 Useful Tricks to Create Stunning Floral Arrangements


Floral arrangements can beautify your home. They are fresh perfumed art pieces that can turn any room into a welcoming one. However, buying them usually involves pretty high costs. If you love floral designs, you can easily make your own. It’s a creative DIY project that you’ll simply love.

Here are some useful tricks to create floral arrangements that will impress everyone:

1. Use the right type of vase.
  • When all flowers have long and thin stems, you can go for a clear trumpet vase as the stems will nicely follow the shape. Still, it’s very time-consuming to create a floral arrangement that looks perfect on the inside of the vase as well. Sometimes that’s just not possible.
  • If your flowers’ stems have varying lengths, you might have to tape the shorter flowers to the longer ones to even out the arrangement. If that happens, go for a vase that will complete the arrangement without revealing the stems. Pastel shades like antique pink, pale apricot, or mauve work great because they add grace and elegance.
  • If you really love crystal ones, you can use different types of leaves or lemon slices to hide unaesthetic stems. Decorative stones don’t only look great, but they prevent the vase from falling due to the excess weight too.
2. Combine unexpected elements.
  • There is no right or wrong when it comes to bouquets, especially if you make them for your own home. Play with textures and colors to see which ones work best with your home décor.
  • You can add little twigs, leaves, garden flowers, or random plants to make a bigger and more diversified design. Non-floral accents such as pine cones, soft green grapes, or unripe raspberries will make your floral decoration unique.
  • When you’re done, you can surround the arrangement with lace, mesh, or tie it with a big ribbon made of velvet or satin.

tricks to create floral arrangements

3. Find beauty in diversity.
  • All flowers are beautiful. So why shouldn’t you mix roses with chamomile? A sophisticated rose can be the centerpiece, while some simple yet pretty random flowers can complete the bouquet.
  • Also, don’t forget about greenery as it can make any arrangement looks lusher, particularly when the flower stalks don’t have much foliage. Ferns and geranium leaves are usually the stars, but any type of grasses will do.

tricks to create stunning floral arrangements

4. Bundle all flowers with rubber bands.
  • In this way, the arrangement will look very neat, as if was done by a pro.
5. No vase? No problem!
  • Maybe your children broke the last vase you had or you don’t have enough decorative vessels for all your ideas. Then it’s time to improvise. Your guests will appreciate your original ideas to decorate your home even more.
  • Any glass container will do, even that jam jar. If some jars don’t look that pretty, you can unleash your creative side and paint them yourself or just transform them using some gift wrap. The same goes for mugs that look dull and don’t have any aesthetic effect.
  • Tiny short-stemmed flowers shouldn’t go to waste. Tie them together and put them in a cup.
  • Also, if you have children or pets it is a good idea to go unconventional and to use tea tins as vases. Then you won’t have to worry about breakage and shards.
6. Put a mirror underneath the vase.
  • A mirror can help to reflect the light and give the illusion that your floral arrangement is bigger than it really is.
7. Distribute weight evenly.
  • You don’t have to put the biggest flowers necessarily in the center. Make sure you pay attention to practical details as well.
  • Actually, it is wise to use the strongest stems for structure when building the foundation of the design. This is particularly important when we’re talking about pretty heavy pieces.
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