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0 Closet Clean Out Tips (for the Rest of Us)

Try a web search for “closet clean out tips” and you’re sure to hit a jackpot of results, everything from professional closet organizers telling you the solution is a trip to The Container Store (and $5,000), to others telling you…

Outdoor Living
0 Things We Love: Cordless Electric Mower

Have you heard of an electric mower?!? If you have, then you had a one-up on me. I was recently browsing online for a new push mower to replace our ultra-basic, non-bag mower. My main requirement was to have a bag attachment to catch the grass…

0 How to Find a New Hair Stylist

There may be nothing more painstaking than having to find new businesses when your current providers close or you move. How do you know who to trust? As women, we have our list of businesses that we are very particular…