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0 Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

It’s easy to forget. You spend all this time on your makeup and then you need to rush out the door! Who has time to clean your makeup brushes? Well, you do!  Even if your brushes look OK, think about…

0 Red Velvet Truffles

Need a Valentine’s Day treat that’s both delicious and adorable? I’ve got just what you need with these Red Velvet Truffles! I have never in my life attempted any kind of truffle or cake ball making, so I was pleasantly…

0 Omelette Muffins

If you’re in the mood for an omelette you can eat on the go, this recipe is for you! These Omelette Muffins are easy, fast, and delicious! (And if you’re a visual learner, there’s a recipe video below!) What you…

2 Product I Love: The Wet Brush

Have you ever walked through Bed, Bath & Beyond and been completely fascinated by all the nifty, wonderful, MUST HAVE things on their shelves?! Seriously though, if you just said, “no, never…” to yourself, stop lying. We’ve all done it.…