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0 Just Read: The Hate U Give

When people ask me why I love reading so much I sometimes struggle to come up with an answer. It’s such an obvious thing to me that I don’t really think about the “why”. But if I had to think…

0 Statement Earrings for Spring Under $25

When it comes to jewelry sometimes less is more, but sometimes even more is even better! I’ve rounded up 10 pairs of gorgeous statement earrings perfect for spring that are all under $25. Which pair will you choose? 1. Bouquet Ear Jackets …

2 Product I Love: The Wet Brush

Have you ever walked through Bed, Bath & Beyond and been completely fascinated by all the nifty, wonderful, MUST HAVE things on their shelves?! Seriously though, if you just said, “no, never…” to yourself, stop lying. We’ve all done it.…